Monday, 19 October 2015


I know in the past I have said any event is worth a celebration and getting out the decorations so its hardly surprising that as time has gone by we seem to get more into decorating for Halloween. I know many people say its so American but what the heck its fun. This year I decided to make up the material I bought last year and make some Halloween bunting.

My initial dilemma was what shape to use. I had considered pumpkin shapes bats or spiders but all presented problems. Spiders were too fiddly, bats looked weird in the patterned fabric and how would I secure them to the tape, and pumpkins well they looked a bit like apples and really need the ghoulish faces to look right. I did think I might just stick with pennant shapes but then had the idea for coffin shapes. I know it may seem a bit grim but I think it works. 

What do you think?

Monday, 12 October 2015

Christmas Cake Two

Well the fruit had time to soak in the brandy and then it was time to make the cakes. Here they are now.

The mixture prior to cooking 

In the oven note cover the top of each cake and double line tins stops edges becoming scorched and dried out as the cake takes four and a half hours to cook in the bigger tins.

 The finished cakes ready to feed with brandy until just before Christmas when they'll be covered in marzipan and iced.

Smaller cakes take less time to cook but they make great little gifts and I always get requests for small cakes.

These cakes will then be wrapped in grease proof paper and feed weekly with brandy to give them the right Christmas boozy taste. Keep them in tins not plastic boxes to ensure freshness . 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Christmas Cake

Well I have got my fruit soaking in brandy ready to make my Christmas cakes. Apparently is smells divine, sadly I cannot smell it myself as an accident when I was very young robbed me of my sense of smell. And before you ask, I have a great sense of taste and its very good  so I can detect the smallest trace of mint or garlic.

Here is the fruit I have selected for my cake. It includes cherries, mixed peel,  apricots, sultanas and raisins . No currants as I hate the gritty little things but if you like use them. Any recipe can be adapted to any fruit you like so you could include dates, prunes or even dried mango, apple or pear.
I will show each stage of the cake making and provide the recipe if anyone requests it I cab guarantee perfect results each time.