Friday, 26 February 2016

Baking Day

Yesterday, I had a great afternoon learning how to make Danish pastries, Chelsea buns, iced buns and croissants at the Cinnamon Square 

We made two lots of dough one of which we used to make Chelsea and iced buns and the other, which we laminated, to make the croissants and Danish pastries. Here is the process in pictures.
The basic dough which you then must laminate with butter.
We did four half turns including one in which we added the sheet of butter

Sheet of butter

Fold in butter then make three more half turns 

Roll, fold  and rest between turns 

Prepped ready to go into the oven

The finished product 

Little leftovers of dough which we made into monkey bread.
Its coated in butter sugar and cinnamon Nothing is wasted.

Basic dough which we made into Chelsea Buns and iced buns 

Before going into the oven 

The finished product

Not only did they look good but by goodness the tasted good too.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Keeping up the hard work

Despite my promise to myself about blogging once a week I've already sadly fallen down on the job, though not by too much and I have been very busy.
Plus to be honest had a bit of a family issue which turned out to be, thankfully, nothing more than a scare, so we can all breathe easily now.

Anyway less of the drama everyone's fine and I've got back to work.I managed to complete several more scrapbook pages and I went with my friend Stella to a machine embroidery beginners day, which was great fun. Katie Essam http://www.katie-essam.co.uk/workshops/  the teacher was very nice and we learnt a great deal. 

Here is what I managed to achieve plus a few of my scrapbook pages for you to have a peak at and please don't hesitate to comment. 


The above machine embroidery was from a photograph. It is far from complete but don't worry when its done I'll make another post. It still needs some added colours, stitches and possibly some beading but we will see. As I get more experienced hopefully my stitching with the machine will become neater.

Great sculptures in Naples museum what a butt.

Monday, 8 February 2016

No slacking here

I have been really good over the last few days and have managed not only to do a whole lot of cooking, but I have also done a felting course, which was great, and completed a whole lot more pages for my scrapbook.
So here we go with some examples of the scrapbook pages I have completed. 

And here are my wet felt picture backgrounds. I will now have to complete the details for each with needle felting and embroidery bead work etc.  I will post more pictures as the work progresses. If you want to know how to make wet felt look at my earlier blog posts that feature felting May 2012

I would also advise a quick look at Paula Watkins blog freckles and flowers

This picture will be of cow parsley in the foreground and fields in the background. 

This will be a sea/beach landscape, with rocks sea grass etc in the foreground
sea and sky in the background. 
sadly all the cooking I did didnt last long enough for photos hahahah