Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas Folks

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone out in the blogosphere a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I intend to enjoy myself despite having a real spanner thrown in the works last night when my oven blew up. We might not be able to have roast turkey and all the trimmings as intended but what the heck its not really what Christmas is all about anyway. We are still going to have a great family time, we are all together and that's what counts.   See you all in the New Year, have fun everyone................

Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Wreath

Today I made up my Christmas wreath for the front door. I know there are loads of lovely ones on the market but I prefer to make up my own, plus it cuts down on cost. I start first with a fir/conifer wreath and then decorate it up with an assortment of flowers ribbons and foliage. 

Sadly this year because the visit of the 'Red wings' earlier this year my holly trees had no berries and I therefore could not add any holly to my wreath as I normally do. Instead this year I used some artificial foliage, ivy, poinsettias  gold sprayed leaves and lights.

First I added the ivy, a simple job of just winding it around the wreath securing it carefully at both ends. I then added the flowers and sprayed foliage at the base of the wreath. At the top of the wreath, directly above the flowers I added a double tied bow. This year I used a lovely tartan ribbon bow, in the past though I have used gold red and silver bows all of which have looked equally lovely.   

I am rather pleased with the end result and am already planning what I might do next year.   

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

Well today I have put all my crafting away till after Christmas.  I shall miss the crafting, but don't get me wrong I love Christmas it my favourite time of the year. I won't have much time to be lazy though, as my daughter will be home from University soon and I  still have loads of stuff to get done before Christmas. I have still got a cake to ice, mince pies and truffles to make, a tree to decorate, a a whole load of gifts to wrap. 

My one conciliation, however, is everything looks so tidy and suddenly I seem to have so much space in my lounge. Sadly  though it wont last long once the trees and such are in place, but who cares its Christmas.