Friday, 13 July 2012

Having a Break

Well fellow bloggers I off for a well deserved break with my daughter. We are going on our annual pilgrimage to Norfolk to visit the folks. Sadly hubby and son have to work so we'll be leaving them behind (the bit I hate) to fend for themselves for a couple of weeks.

We have loads off stuff planned so when I'm back hold on to your hats because there will be lots to tell.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Congratulations Card

I recently bought a Papermania Lucy Cromwell Card Kit set which I saw whilst out shopping for Scrapbooking bits. I thought it was lovely and such a mix of lovely images, from the gardening bits to frocks and perfume, I just had to buy it . The paper quality was excellent and the decoupage images so easy to remove from the sheets.  

I have made a few of the decoupage pieces up but as yet have only made one complete card and here it is below. I thought the image ideal as a congrats  card. When I have completed a few more cards I'll put them on the blog too 

 I used a simple scalloped edged card then added a base sheet of floral paper with a faded rose design, which I cut to leave a small white edge to the card.  I then added a strip of pink ribbon at the base of the card into which I had twisted a paper rose in the same tonal shades as the roses in the main image. 

I mounted the decoupaged image of the rose in the tea pot on a piece of coordinating pink shimmer paper and then placed this on the card just about the ribbon. I completed the card with the addition of sentiment from the card kit. 

I was very pleased with the end result I just haope the other cards turn out as well.  


Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer pages

Some more pages for my daughter's scrapbook These photos were all taken when she was about 3-5 years of ages. This was the time/age for taking loads of shots because at that age kids don't seem to mind being caught on camera. Its only later when they get older they hate pictures and as soon as a camera is put in front of them they start worry about how they look or they do stupid faces or even worse they walk away.

As these photos show little was thought of poses or how they looked and as a consequence they look great.The first one Mucky pup I think is great the face is so cheeky and full of mischief. I just which I could recall what they had been doing   
What they have been up to lord only knows but I'm sure it was fun

I had fun with this page got to splash some paint about and be a bit mucky I also added some bunting my favourite thing at the moment. I also used some leaves I had in my bits box to add colour.

Summer fun on her bike
In this photos she looks so matter of fact I'm sure its about the time we took of the bike stabilizers then there was no stopping her 
For this I used various oddments of paper plus some ribbon. The design is simple but I think it works.
The safest place for her ha ha

This picture was taken when we bought Bry her first pet a rabbit she named Velvet. You'll see more pictures later. In this picture shes is testing the cage we created to give the rabbit a chance to have a run. She looks so serious it makes me smile 
For this page I used basic black grey card over which I splatted white paint plus added some edging in white.I then used some Stampin up paper which I thought looked very much like a cage/wire pattern.I added this to the left of the page making it cover horizontally approximately half the page  

Vertically across the page I added  an adhesive border pattern I think its a K&Co one but I'm not sure. I then had scraps of card from packs of letters which I thought was rather nice. I then stamped over these pieces with some distress inks. I tore all the pieces of card into strips and layered them up horizontally on the page. I then mounted the photo on another piece of the scrap card stamping along one edge which I had torn and distressed.

I then added the photo to the page so its a little off centre Finally I added the title, subtitle and a few bits of journalling.

I hope you like them all       .

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pie of Pies

My hubby recently bought himself the Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies book and has been desperate to give on of their recipes a try so yesterday he decided he was giving on e of the recipes a go, After much deliberation he decided upon the Scotch Egg Pie. As we did not have a pie plate we had to amend the recipe slightly and used a pie dish. I'm sure if you want you could find this recipe on line, but just in case here it is  with minor modifications


1 1/2 block of Ready made short crust pastry  (bikers make their own pastry)
6 Eggs hard boiled
500g Sausage meat or sausages
100g fresh bread crumbs 
Black pepper
The ingredients

Pre heat oven to 200 C or Gas Mark6

Boil eggs

Mix bread crumbs thoroughly with sausage meat 

Divide pastry into two portions one for base one for lid of the pie. Roll out pastry for the base and place in pie dish/plate

Then add about half of the sausage meat make hollows for eggs and then place eggs into pie

Then put remainder of sausage meat into pie 

Roll out pasty for the pie lid Carefully place over pie and crimp edges of the pastry to secure the lid 

Use left over pastry to decorate pie We used hearts but leaves or something else might be appropriate    Brush over with beaten egg to give a golden crust 

Place in oven and cook for between 45 - 55 minutes
The finished pie

This pie can be eaten hot or cold both equally delicious.It would make a great picnic dish or for the buffet table. Why don't you try it and see what you think. I know one thing the Hairy Bikers pie book is going to see a lot of service in our house.

I also made a quick apple pie  to take round to family the following day

Monday, 2 July 2012

Busy Times

Life in the last few days has been really hectic. The beginning of the week began quite slowly but come Wednesday and it felt as if we were all caught up on some huge fast moving conveyer belt. Wednesday we were rudely awaken at 8 o'clock by the carpet fitter who wanted to arrive in 30 minutes to fit the stair and landing carpets. Not too early I hear you cry, but when you'd planned on him arriving at 10.30 and you'd hope to have a bit of a  a lie in it was awful. Anyway having been advised that the carpet would take only half a day to fit we were a little surprised to find the guy still working away at gone 3 o'clock. It wasn't the fitters fault it was the guy who had assessed the job he'd apparently not felt the job was very technical, but it was. Carpet looks fabulous though. 

Anyway getting back to the point,  as soon as the fitter left we had to leave and drive down to Plymouth and due to the time in had taken to fit the carpet we were late. We arrived in Plymouth well after 8 o'clock hungry and a little irritable if truth be told. We did have a great meal, though as we were so late we were the last folks in the restaurant  The following day my daughter and I spent shopping, having coffee and lovely cream teas in various venues in Plymouth whilst poor old hubby had to attend some awful training course. So that was great. trouble was we then had to drive home in the afternoon and we met every traffic jam imaginable 

Friday was spent charging about sorting stuff out for the weekend and Saturday and Sunday worst days of all were spent moving my daughter from one student house to the next. Talk about hard hot work, struggling up and down stairs all day with boxes of books,, furniture, clothes, bedlinen etc. Mind you Leeds looked as if everyone was on the move so you did feel you were not alone. Everywhere you looked there were students with loaded cars and vans moving furniture etc and at one time we saw two young girls struggling down the road with a double bed mattress between them. I just wish I'd had my camera. I expect my daughter will feature her new room on her blog later when its finally sorted out.

In her old place just prior to moving out
Today I'm resting having taken the van back at 8.30 this morning to the hire folks.