Wednesday, 11 February 2015

All hearts and flowers

Here is another Valentines Day idea, bunting again, but with a bit of a difference, this time heart shaped. It was a bit trickier to make than the standard pennant type bunting, but it was still fairly straight forward to make. 

You start with a selection of fabric, I choose heart patterned fabric in the main with a couple of other patterns all in red and white. If you wanted though you could go with pinks or florals or really whatever takes your fancy. 

 Above is my selection, which I think is very pretty.

Using a heart shaped template, cut out several heart shaped pieces. The number you cut out will depend on how long you want your finished bunting to be.

Pair up heart shaped pieces then stitch together leaving an opening sufficient to turn pieces the correct way out. 

Before turning ensure you have snipped around the shape this means when turned the heart shape will be well defined.

Then turn the shape the correct way out.

Once the shape is the correct way around press with an iron and then stitch the gap in the fabric shape. 

The final step is to stitch the hearts on a length of ribbon to create the bunting. Try to create a pleasing pattern with the fabrics you place next to each other.


You can also stuff the heart shapes to make the bunting more three dimensional or like me you can use the spare hearts you may have cut out to make little scented heart shaped sachets to hang in your wardrobes to keep your clothes smelling fragrant.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bits for Valentines

As I said in an earlier post I have been trying out some ideas for Valentines Day. Some things  might be useful as gifts and others simply as decorations for the day. I know some people say its just an excuse for the card companies to sell us cards, the florists to rip us off for a bunch of flowers.  and we shouldn't need a day to show others we love them. 

All this might be true but me, well, anything for a celebration  I love them all,especially if I have an excuse to decorate and make pretty things. Mind you I'll do Halloween too and that's not very pretty. I should also add I make things for the ones I love all the time it doesn't have to be a birthday Christmas or Valentines Day for that matter any excuse will do.

Ahh! we are getting off the point here, we were on about Valentines Day. Here are some of the bits I have made.

 I made this bunting for my son to use on Valentines Day, to surprise his girlfriend, when she gets home from work. Well he will have bought a few flowers too but he wanted to pretty up their flat a bit.

Using the following bits.

 I  made this for my daughter

Rather cute I thought. I could imagine these would look rather pretty for a wedding as decoration at the end of pews, simply change colours as required.