Saturday, 26 January 2013


Yet another page using some of the papers I got whilst at 'A Maze of Memories'. I absolutely loved this paper when I saw it and not just because it was great to use for a picture of my daughter who we call Bee or Bry as a short form of her name. 

Sorry I got a bit of glare on the photo, please ignore it  
For this page I used a backing paper of plain manila coloured coloured card over which I placed the sheet of shaped bee covered, glitter encrusted card that I got from 'A Maze of Memories'. However, before I applied it to the base sheet I craftily cut out the centre so I could use the bee that was in the centre as a final embellishment.

I then mounted the photo on a piece of old gold coloured card applying over the whole I'd cut out of the bee paper. I found some pieces of paper in my scrap box which I felt coordinated well with the photos and the base paper. These scraps were torn and applied to the base of the photo I then adorned this with some roses from the Prima Flowers collection and some silk leaves I had in my crafting box.

At the top right hand corner I added a paper doilie  from the Dovecraft 'Tea Party' collection. I give a slight difference in colour and to tie it to the background I added some distress ink and a spritz of gold. Over this I added the bee I had removed from the backing paper. To give the embellishment a little more presence I backed it with a torn circle in gold and another circle of old gold to match the card I had used to back my photo.

Finally I added a small title to the page and some journalling.  I felt the paper was busy enough so went for a discreet title.   

I love the page hope you do too.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Missed my blogs Anniversary.

Whilst looking at one of the blogs I follow that is celebrating its birthday it suddenly came to me it must be nearly a year since I started blogging. Well I looked back and realised I'd actually missed the date and I am now into my second year. 

Doesn't time fly when your'e enjoying yourself. So Happy Birthday/ Anniversary to me and to all you other bloggers out there are also  celebrating including Annabellouise at  http://whoeverhasthemostfabric.blogspot.co.uk/

Get out of the Wind

As I promised here is another page 

Caught in the wind by Tower Bridge
I used a pale grey backing sheet over which I placed a scalloped edge blue sheet from Brazzill Basics, which I purchased from 'A Maze of Memories' in Long Crendon. I then stitched around the sheet in long running street.

I then mounted the photo on a contrasting blue piece of card from my paper stash. Using other paper scraps I then created a square for the centre of the page which I placed at a jaunty angle. I then added the photo again at an angle.

Using the scraps from the card I had used to mount the photo I then cut out a die cut fancy circle, to which I added a centre from another scrap of paper. 

I then added some embellishment strips from K&Co, some fancy luggage labels and a small envelop into which I placed a journalling card and some smaller images of the Wenlock and Manderville statues, all at the bottom right of the photo.

To finish I added the title get out of the wind which I had printed out of the computer. 

Items purchased from A Maze of Memories http://www.amazeofmemories.com/   and Hobby craft http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer Pages

Well  finally I've got back to doing some more scrapbook pages, having had numerous other jobs to do before I could get back to it without feeling guilty. I had numerous cards to make, plus loads of tidying up after Christmas and recently tons of marmalade to make. You may wonder why marmalade? Well I make  the marmalade for a whole load of people not just my own family.

Anyway back to the scrapbook pages, I have made up a few but I do them one post at a time. This page shows a photo from one of our summer Wenlock and Manderville walks. It was taken on the South Bank near where the Golden Hinde is held in dry dock. 

Near the Golden Hinde on the South Bank
For this page I began with a plain blue backing sheet which I roughly sanded  using the 'Hoogie board' to create the patterning around the border. I then cut several strips of differing widths of paper in coordinating colours. I used some scraps from my stash including some from the Papermania Portobello Road  and  Burleigh blue packs   I placed the strips horizontally on the page to create a backing pattern for the photo.

I mounted the photo on a contrasting bright blue piece of card which I then layered with a backing of blue Portobello Road paper torn along one edge. At the bottom left hand corner I added a paper doilies and then added some strips of Burleigh blue borders to the base of the photos. 

I embellished the bottom left hand corner with some Tim Holtz die cut cogs I also added a small map a wooden cut out galleon and some fake doubloons. To finish the nautical affect I added some butchers twine plus a little anchor charm and chain.     

The page title and sub title are from 'Thickers' and Forever Friends respectively.   

I am happy with the nautical look, I hope you all do.     

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Scrapology Candy

I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping I might win the Scrapology candy give away. I love the Scrapology blog always such good ideas to be found there. I suggest you give it a gander.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow snow snow

I can't make up my mind snow do I love it or hate it. Its beautiful and almost magical when you wake up in the morning,open the window and you peer out to see the garden covered in a blanket of white. It reminds me of a freshly iced Christmas cake. Sadly though after a few feet have tramped across it and cars have splashed the wet slush across it the beauty vanishes and you're left with a horrid brownish slush. I have also found that the snow also comes at the most inconvenient times. This time we had to get back from Plymouth, definitely a long trip but after five whole hours on the road we finally got home.

Here are some shots I took 
The cold and frosty snow covered greenery

Waiting for the bus

Such fabulous icicles
Icy cobwebs 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Scrapbooking pages

I thought I'd share with you all some scrapbook pages I completed just before Christmas. I have still more pages to do before I catch up with all the photos I took over the summer. I have then all the shots I've taken since September though that's not too many. 

After I have finished these pages I still have loads to do to complete my daughter's 'This is your life'  scrapbook. So far I have reached her 4th birthday so lots to go.

So here's those pages

The Imperial War Museum London and look more Berlin Wall

For the above pages I used some masks and distress inks and some Tim Holtz die cuts. It was very simple to do but very effective I thought. To finish the page I added some adhesive spider webs from a sheet of Halloween stickers I saw in our local sweet shop. I think they were for children to use to decorate stuff for Halloween but I thought they looked effective on the page.

221B Baker Street

For this page I used lots of bits from my paper stash or bits plus some of the Portobello Road stickers. I used a main picture with hubby and daughter to which I added a smaller picture showing Sherlock Holmes Olympic statue. 

The next two pages also show some of the Olympic mascots. 

Another Wenlock

Another Wenlock or is it a Manderville

I have not given all the details of items used to create these pages as I did them just before Christmas and sadly lost the details of what I used. I do know the flowers are from Papermania  and I also know there are  some K&Co embellishments used. Next pages I do I will make sure I give all the details of the products used. I hope you like them. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cards Collection

The monthly craft group I attend, decided this year instead of making ATC's or card toppers which we exchanged amoungst our selves that we would instead make a card each to donate to charity fund raising. The group organiser sent us a card layout for each month and then we each interpret the layout and make a card. It can be for either sex and for any event, birthday, wedding anniversary, christening, thank you, good luck card or anything else. The only provisos were no Christmas or Easter cards.

I decided that once I had begun making the cards to get all twelve months cards done at once.  I expect some will say this is not quite in the spirit of the monthly card creation idea but it works for me. 

All twelve cards
Here are a few close ups 

January's card

I hope you like them and I hope they sell and rasie some money for the charity finally selected.

New Blog site to visit

Follow this blog, thewonderfulwild.blogspot.co.uk  its new but its great and I know that its author has great plans to keep all you animal lovers well informed. Give it a look and follow her please.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Happy Day

I'm happy today as after a lot of hiccups have finally ordered my new cooker. It might take three weeks before its installed but who cares I've actually got an oven and hob, finally, that will fit into my kitchen and that  wont require a complete destruction of my kitchen due to the need for new wiring/electrics. 

I also went to a lovely craft shop in Long Crendon called 'A Maze of Memories' .http://www.amazeofmemories.com/  Its a great shop and also has a fabulous area in which they run various workshops in scrapbooking and card making for both adults and children. The ladies who run the store were friendly and very helpful and I for one will be trying to attend one of their workshops very soon.     I bought some great goodies and cant wait to use some of the lovely papers I bought. I'll try to post the results of what I create later on.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Years resolutions

Well have you all made your New Year resolutions. The question is do you keep them or are they long forgotten by the end of February. This year I have gone for  something that might seem simple to be more positive and not to stress so much. However, for me its going to be quite a feat, as worrying is the thing I do best. My hubby thinks if there were world championships for worrying I'd be a gold medalist. 

I'm also going to try to get fitter. Three years ago I resolved to start walking three miles everyday and I have kept to that. It wasn't that hard    amazingly after the first two weeks it became a habit and I now treat it like a job that has to be done each day. I have definitely seen the benefit I lost between 4 and 5 stone in weight and managed to lower my blood pressure a bit. 

Now I want to loose more weight and get my blood pressure down so hopefully I'll not need to take pills anymore. I'm hoping that being fitter and loosing more weight  will help with the old resolution of being more positive and less stressed. We'll see how it goes. 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year Folks

I am a bit late but let me wish you all a wonderful New Year may it be splendid and may all your dreams come true.  

Take a look at the Scrapology blog site this month and get a chance to win this blog candy. What a good way to bring in the New Year.