Thursday, 21 January 2016

Some more pages

Along with the cooking I've been trying to get more of my scrapbooking done. Here are just some of the ones I have managed to get done.

Turkey and Vegetable Chilli

My family all love a good Chilli either with rice, baked potato or delicious crusty bread, but since we all started counting calories and trying to reduce our consumption of red meats I have been trying out some alternatives.  I tried straightforward veggie, chicken and turkey chillies but the favourite one appears to be a turkey vegetable chilli. 

I thought I'd share the recipe 


large onion
1 large red sweet pepper 
1 yellow or green pepper
2 tomatoes chopped
2 cloves garlic (smoked garlic is great)
2 sticks celery chopped
2 tbsp chilli olive oil
400 g minced turkey
400 g tin chopped tomatoes
400 g tin borlotti beans
250 mls chicken stock 
2 tbls tomato puree or you can use passata
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp dried chillies
Salt & pepper


1 Peel and chop onions  and garlic, 
2 Place onion and garlic plus salt and pepper in sauce pan with oil and gentle
   cook until slightly brown.

3 Add peppers, chopped tomatoes and courgette cook for until they begin to
4 Then add minced turkey chilli flakes and thyme brown meat slightly
5 Add stock, tomatoes and puree or passata.
6 Stir until boiling then cover and simmer for about 20 mins

7 Add beans and cook until bean are cooked through.

Can be served with crusty bread, baked potato, tortilla chips, or rice. But a little Parmesan cheese really enhances flavour so don't forget to grate some on the top before eating.  


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New Year New Pages

I have decided that I must be more productive in 2016, I have to  get all of my unfinished craft projects completed plus get my scrapbooking up to date. To this end I have completed the following pages.

I'm also going to try and do a blog post at least once a week.  Lets see how it goes.