Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Bunting Addendum

Having posted my last blog I began thinking; buying lots of fabric could become quite a costly affair. I suppose nothing is cheap today. Do you know I saw a button, yes just one, it cost £2.95. I could not believe it. The reason for the cost, apparently, was it was imported from Italy. It had obviously been flown first class with all its mates.

Sorry I’m getting off the point, we were talking about the cost of bunting. Well I have a solution to creating some budget bunting, simply use recycled fabrics. You could use your own fabrics from unwanted dresses, shirts, curtains, duvet covers and such like. Alternatively you could scavenge stuff from friends and family or jumble and car boot sales.   

Once you have the fabric the steps to creating your bunting are as previously described. The only costs you would still incur (other than jumble sale etc purchases) would be for the bias binding and sewing thread and these are relatively in expensive.