Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cherry Nut Truffles

I'm not sure if I really believe it, but it has always been said the way to a man's heart in through his stomach. To that end I am giving you a great recipe here for truffles. Its very easy, if a little messy and the end results are extremely tasty.
For the basic truffle you will need the following ingredients and method:



  • 500 grams Chocolate (70- 80% Cocoa solids)
  • 100 grams Chocolate for coating 
  • 142 ml Double Cream
  • Nuts, Cocoa powder, Icing sugar, Chocolate strands etc for dusting.
I also added 25grams cherries finely chopped and 25 grams chopped nuts
Ingredients for basic truffles just add a few cherries and nuts for a variation


Prepare a baking sheet covered with baking parchment (not grease proof paper) you will need this once the truffles are ready for piping

Break 500 grams chocolate into a glass mixing bowl and then place into microwave and heat until chocolate has melted smoothly. It is best to do this gradually by 1min intervals to ensure you do not over heat the mixture. Alternatively you can place the bowl over a saucepan of boiling/hot water on the hob.

Once the chocolate is completely melted stir briskly till it cools slightly then beat in the cream. You will notice as you add the cream the mixture will thicken as it cools. If you add slightly less cream the end resulting truffles will be firmer, the choice is yours.   

At this point I also added in the cherries and nuts to give me the Cherry Nut Truffles

Mix the cream into the warm chocolate

Once the cream is completely beaten into the chocolate you are ready for the next stage which is to place the mixture into a piping bag. Then pipe onto the baking sheet in long straight rows.  
Pipe out the truffle mixture onto a sheet of baking parchment

  Leave then for 10 -15 mins just time to have a tea or coffee.

Melt the other 100 grams of chocolate ready for coating truffles 

Now once the truffle mix feels firm to the touch then you can begin to divide the mixture into truffle pieces.You can make the truffles balls as large or small as you wish.This is where it all starts to get messy as you have to roll the mixture between your hands to form into balls.

Cut the piped truffle mix into sections and form into balls

Once you have created the ball you first dip them into the melted chocolate then into what ever covering you have chosen. I found placing coatings in small ramekins made it easier to coat the truffle. You simply swirl it gently in the bowl.  

I used pink sugar crystals and chocolate strands for my truffles

Once the truffles are coated place on a baking sheet ready for packaging or boxing up to give as gifts. Alternatively you could just eat them yourself.

The finished truffles
All bagged up ready to give as a gift.

I hope you might like to try out this truffle recipe but if you really cannot be bothered I have also heard, when a woman asked a man what he'd most like as a gift he replied, "come naked and bring beer". Well I leave the choice to you.   


  1. LOL - was that the toned down comment :) Very yummy truffles.