Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Your Majesty

My daughter Bryony has always had a passion for dressing up.  However, when she was younger she was quite the Tomboy and loved nothing better than getting her hands dirty. I was also thankful that she did not have the usual school girl desire to wear all things pink. 

Always ready to lend a hand. here she is in one of her brothers old T shirts

She did scrub up well
 She’s nineteen now and things have changed somewhat. Some times I think the tomboy is still there inside, but generally speaking I think she’s quite the girly girl and loves clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes, (she’s a bit like Imelda Marcos) make up, nail varnish and surprisingly pink.  
What a smile

One thing that has never changed is her sense of humour. In this shot I took of her around the holidays. She had bought a new Joules jacket, plus a couple of scarves and decided to put them all on together and go for the Queen look. She came waltzing into the room saying, “Well I off to Sandringham now for a bit of huntin shootin and fishin”  I just had to get a picture

The finished page

To make up the page I used a sheet of the Papermania Kraft basics, which I then distressed around the edges with inks. I used a permanent marker to roughly outline the edges of the page.

Having cropped off some of the background of the photos I then mounted it onto a sheet of black card from my card stock

To create the back ground onto which I would then place the photo I used GCD Studios Paris Nights textured sheets and some scraps of paper from my stash

 I cut one rectangle of the Paris nights paper the same size as the width of the mounted photo. This paper had a slightly flocked textured to it and I felt this gave a regal, sumptuous look to the page I also cut a strip of the same paper to go across the base of the page which I cut to look like a banner.

I also cut a rectangle the same size as the first for the base of the page. For this I used a scrap of spotted cream and black from my paper stash.

I then attached the two rectangles to the photo, one top and one at the bottom. I also placed the strip I had cut like a banner across the page positioned such that it would come at the base of the photos where it was attached to the bottom rectangle

I then stuck the photos and paper rectangles onto the card in the centre. Once attached I then added a strip of matt silver card across the base of the photo spotted paper join. I layered this with a strip of black card with a white stitched edge.
Crown embellishment

I made two embellishments for the bottom of the page using my Spellbinder die cuts one I made like a rosette and the other like a photos frame. For both embellishments I used paper from my stash. And little scraps of ribbon. I place a small element of journaling in the frame and a crown in the rosette. I placed the embellishments either side of the photo.

To finish the page I made another rosette shape which I placed at the top left of the card and then added the words ‘Your Majesty’  in white sparkling ‘Thickers’ cardboard self adhesive letters.  

I’m pleased with the completed page its fun.
Perhaps she always had a thing for head scarves
Why not take a look at my daughters blog at http://thetwiningvine.blogspot.com/


  1. Haha! this is great! I haven't changed mush have I? xx

  2. Not in the least. Cheesey it may be but beautiful then beautiful now.

  3. LOL love the photos and the queen look :) Super page, very regal.

  4. The older they get(the children pardon me young adults) the harder it is to get photos. They simply cease to co-operate or delete pics off the camera if they don't approve. You still have all this to come.