Friday, 25 May 2012

In the Garden

The weather has come good at last and consequently the garden has begun to call to me. There is just so much to do, places to weed, things to plant and ideas that have been brewing since last summer to bring to fruition.

This week the work began first of all the vegetable plot had to be weeded and planted out. Sadly we live in an area with far too many cats (sorry all you cat lovers) and as we no longer have our dog Smudge the local cats seem to think our garden and particularly my vegetable plot is a litter tray. The job as you might imagine was not pleasant, plus it was damned hard work getting rid of the top soil and bringing some more clean soil. Next year I am covering the whole thing in the winter with plastic pretty or not. 

Well the plot is now dug and I have planted potatoes, which I had 'chitted up' from about March. I also sowed a whole block of spinach since the family loves it cooked and in salads. I have one remaining area for green beans but they are still starting in pots in the green n house. I have decided to keep things simple this year and not grow too many crops. Well we have a hose pipe ban and  the prospect of having to water by watering can is somewhat daunting. Last year I had salad crops in tubs and carrots, onions etc but this year I decided against it.

The picture below shows what the plot looks like at the moment rather barren but I'll keep you posted and you'll be amazed (hopefully)  by what a few weeks will do.
The white plastic will be in place until I plant out the beans
 I have also started my tomato and cucumber seeds, plus I bought three tomato plants from a charity event. I have also planted out my bean seeds which will finally end up in the garden plot Below you'll see the before pictures.

I'll keep you posted on how seeds etc develop. Here are some other shots of plants from the garden 

The Nelly Moser I planted two years ago is now growing in abundance over an old shed

The unnamed rose I won in a raffle last year is looking fabulous

I planted this tub last year having visited RHS Wisley  and seen some of the lovely tubs they had planted out. I liked them so much I tried one for myself using all the succulent type plants. I think they look fabulous like mini landscapes 
This is the one from Wisley
My attempt at the same thing
This weekend if the weather keeps nice I expect it will be lawn mowing. Plus I will also be trying to persuade my hubby that the decking I want and the enlarging of the garden borders is actually a good idea.


  1. Could you please change the name of your blog? I am the owner of "The Constant Crafter" and retain the trademark on the name.

    Thank you for understanding.

    1. I am very sorry about this Becky but I really think this is so rude I am afraid you'll have to prove this as I have had this title for some time and when It was selected it came up as a free title

    2. I have changed the name as requested

  2. The garden looks great! Love the pots with the shells! x

    1. Thanks Bee I am please with the look of that pot. Thanks also for your support earlier