Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Success is a Wonderful Thing

I am sorry folks but I just have to take this opportunity to brag. Its not something I'm used to as I don't usually get much opportunity, but, today though my time has come, so sorry but here goes. 

After nearly two years of attending a monthly quiz night, we won,well actually we came second, but to our group of enthusiastic but less than successful quizzers  it felt like winning.Actually we so nearly did win. we got 108 points  and the winners got 109, but amazingly we didn't care, we were all thrilled with second place. 

By the time we got home i think half the country knew of our success as apart from the driver we were all madly texting even those who probably could careless but we were winners and we were proud. Still are actually and will no doubt we will all have a slight warm glow inside for a least for the rest of the day.