Saturday, 23 June 2012

Blooming Lovely

Just thought I'd share a few shots of my garden and to keep you posted as to how my potatoes etc are coming along since my earlier post. I hope you all like the pictures I am thrilled how everything is growing so well. We did, and I think still do have a hose pipe ban in this area, but since its rained so much I haven't had the problems I thought I might maintaining the garden. You know watering it with a watering can. As you can see everything is doing great.

The area of the garden my husband calls his 'Happy Place'

My New Dawn rose and clematis are doing fabulously together 
After a slow start the Arum Lilies are looking great
 The vegetable patch, particularly the potatoes are growing great guns

The potatoes I have 8 plants I hope I get a lots of spuds later.last year I grew them in bags and despite loads of potatoes they were all small. Hopefully more space bigger spuds. 

Just a few of the  tomatoes grown from seed. I have also got some cucumbers 


  1. Love your husband's 'Happy Place'!!! ... a lovely garden.

    1. I decided to create the space but he wasn't keen, he wanted to keep the lawn we had there.I,however, had other plans and had drawn out what I wanted . He said well if you want it like that you'd better do it. He would not help at first he was so determined #I'd not go through with it. I had to shift so much dirt and stone and turf you'd be amazed. Once it was cleared away and I had put some weed repellent sheets down he began to see what it might look like then he was drawn in and helped by putting up the trellising and putting in the paving slabs. I though did the shingle 1 whole ton to be shifted from the front to the back of the house.He now agrees I was inspired and had vision he lacked and he loves it. He always tells people the story and says its all her own work. (meaning mine) Ha! Ha! now he loves it I have other plans too.