Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pecan Pie

This pie is scrummy and a big favourite with my family. Due to the high calorie count I don't cook it very often, it just so moreish, one bit never seems to be enough.

Pecan Pie Ingredients 

1 pkt Sweet Short Crust Pastry
150ml Maple Syrup
60g Butter
175g Brown Sugar 
2 drops Vanilla Extract
3 eggs
250g Pecans 


You can make your own pastry should you wish but I cheat and buy ready made. My reasoning is why bother when shop bought is just as good. However if you want to be a pureist please look on line for a pastry recipe.

Pre heat oven 180oC 350oF or gas Mark 4

Roll out pastry with care to about 3mm thick and place in pie dish.
Prick base of pastry and cook blind for approx 20 minutes until pastry has begun to cook make sure base is not sticky before placing in filling.

To cook blind place grease proof paper over flan base and add baking beans or some weight to keep pastry in place when cooking Remove baking beans and just allow 2 minutes of further cooking time to allow base to cook
Make filling pour maple syrup butter and sugar into a pan and heat gradually until butter has melted and sugar dissolved   


Allow mixture to cool slightly before adding beaten eggs gradually 

Once eggs are mixed in then add pecans. leave a few pecans out of mixture to arrange on top of pie  as seen in picture below 

Place mixture in pie case and place on a baking tray
Place in oven and cook for approximately 40minutesd checking to ensure it does not over cook.

Can be eaten hot or cold, lovely on its own or with cream or ice cream.

The finished article

Be warned this is delicious and can become addictive


  1. Oh yum my mouth is watering for some pecan pie, even if it is after midnight here....i am going to try your recipe out...i can imagine it is to die for as hubby and I both love it....thanks for commenting on my bag for dad....was fun and easy to do....x

    1. I'm afraid it didn't last long in our house. All got a bit competitive actually as someone ate a bit late at night sneaky devil.

  2. Calories are not important when something looks as good as this. I will definitely try it.

  3. You may get two of these. Calories are unimportant for something as good as this. I will be trying it soon.

    1. Calories are important, but can be overlooked at times especially when faced with such deliciousness

  4. Oh my word you've made me hungry... The pie looks soooo yummy Px

    1. After you eat it though you have to Zumba for a week ha! ha!