Monday, 2 July 2012

Busy Times

Life in the last few days has been really hectic. The beginning of the week began quite slowly but come Wednesday and it felt as if we were all caught up on some huge fast moving conveyer belt. Wednesday we were rudely awaken at 8 o'clock by the carpet fitter who wanted to arrive in 30 minutes to fit the stair and landing carpets. Not too early I hear you cry, but when you'd planned on him arriving at 10.30 and you'd hope to have a bit of a  a lie in it was awful. Anyway having been advised that the carpet would take only half a day to fit we were a little surprised to find the guy still working away at gone 3 o'clock. It wasn't the fitters fault it was the guy who had assessed the job he'd apparently not felt the job was very technical, but it was. Carpet looks fabulous though. 

Anyway getting back to the point,  as soon as the fitter left we had to leave and drive down to Plymouth and due to the time in had taken to fit the carpet we were late. We arrived in Plymouth well after 8 o'clock hungry and a little irritable if truth be told. We did have a great meal, though as we were so late we were the last folks in the restaurant  The following day my daughter and I spent shopping, having coffee and lovely cream teas in various venues in Plymouth whilst poor old hubby had to attend some awful training course. So that was great. trouble was we then had to drive home in the afternoon and we met every traffic jam imaginable 

Friday was spent charging about sorting stuff out for the weekend and Saturday and Sunday worst days of all were spent moving my daughter from one student house to the next. Talk about hard hot work, struggling up and down stairs all day with boxes of books,, furniture, clothes, bedlinen etc. Mind you Leeds looked as if everyone was on the move so you did feel you were not alone. Everywhere you looked there were students with loaded cars and vans moving furniture etc and at one time we saw two young girls struggling down the road with a double bed mattress between them. I just wish I'd had my camera. I expect my daughter will feature her new room on her blog later when its finally sorted out.

In her old place just prior to moving out
Today I'm resting having taken the van back at 8.30 this morning to the hire folks.              

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