Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy Birthday to me

Well maybe my birthday tomorrow but cause I have a wonderful hubby I got my present today. Its what I'm typing this post on right now. Its a lovely new Toshiba lap top. Its so beautiful and shinny and new, bit scary but I'll get use to it. This should now mean unhindered blogging, no need to wait for the computer to become free I have my own, it's just fabulous. See I'm easily pleased.        


  1. Happy Birhtday for tomorrow. Now you have a new laptop you will find that you misplace hours checking things out! Fiona x

    1. Well thank you another year older what the heck I'm no longer counting. he lap top is soooo pretty. I guess yes hours will be wasted but its time I had some time . ha ha ha

  2. What a super present and happy birthday :)