Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hi I'm back

Well finally I'm back. Its just been too long, but none of really my fault. First I did have a break away, in not so sunny Norfolk as it turned out. But sadly whilst we were away the computer decided it had had enough and simply would not turn on again ..........nothing not as much as a flickering screen or a buzz or two. 

The computer guys gave it the once over and said sorry but its a new computer you need. As when buying anything new this takes time as my hubby is obliged to do research. No its a good thing but he always takes so long and the days kept passing. Finally as you can now see we have the new computer up and running and blogging will recommence shortly. 


  1. Cool.. Good to have you back... I'm doing research too as I need a new laptop as my beast is on its last legs Px

    1. Well my hubby has said now he thinks it would be better for all my stuff if I had my own laptop ha ha a break through no more fighting with him over computer time . This is no mean feat either since he works from home most of the time and works on his lap top and the pc at the same time. Plus the office is so small