Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Whilst I wasn't blogging

As you know I haven't been blogging due to technical problems of late but now am back into the swing I thought I'd share some of the things I got up to. As you already know we went off to Norfolk for two weeks and  I had a go at making I rainbow cake for Bryony 

However, as well as the above Bryony and I  also went up to London. We went initially to see the Fashion exhibition at the V and A but we also thought whilst we were at it we would also try to soak up a little of the Olympic experience.

The V & A was great, the costumes  were lovely  and we also got to see the Heatherwick designer exhibit which included the Olympic cauldron designs. After leaving the V & A we decided to give Harrods a brief look and then strolled down to the BT live show in Hyde Park. Boy what a fabulous atmosphere . I must say London was at its best over the Olympic period. I am just sad that we couldn't get tickets for any of the events themselves.

We saw Beth Tweddle (a sadly unsung hero of British Sport I think) get her Bronze medal then much to our surprise a message came up on screen that the Cycling pursuit team would be appearing live on stage with their medals. It was great to see a medal close up and bask a little in the obvious reflected pride the athletes had in their achievements . 

Three of the four cycling medalists
I am hoping the  Para Olympics will be just as good I have no doubt though they will be. Come on Team GB.         

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