Thursday, 20 September 2012

Butterflies in the frame

Whilst my daughter was at home from Uni for the summer holiday we were constantly trying to come up with ideas to decorate her new bedroom. Student rented accommodation is never great landlords I'm afraid to say are rather exploitative of students, and they make promises which they sadly never fulfill. I apologise in advance if you are landlord and a good one, because I know there are some out there.

Anyway back to the point. We made various bits a piece up one of which is below a lovely picture of butterflies. We got the idea from something we saw in our local Hobbycraft.

T make this item I bought a 12 x 12 deep picture frame, a sheet of Docrafts butterflies and a 12x12 scrapbook sheet.

To give an authentic effect I used a shabby sheet of scrapbooking paper which  I secured to the backing of the picture frame. I then  divided the backing sheet carefully into quarters. I carefully marked (with a pencil) the second and fourth quarter lines. This has to be marked lightly as you do not want to have a line showing after the butterflies are placed. 

I selected a sheet of butterflies which looked the most realistic. Note the shiny brighter colour sheets are lovely but do not look as effective as they do not look like genuine butterflies. I removed the butterflies from the sheets this is an easy matter as they are well die cut. I then trimmed  each butterfly to ensure no borders remained. 

I divided the butterfly wings and folded them along the length of the bodies and then curled the wings slightly. I also created antenna for some of the butterflies again to give a more authentic look.  

Finally I positioned the butterflies evenly down the page, using my fine pencil line as a guide. With a final bit of tweaking to ensure the butterflies appeared as if they were about to take flight from the page, the only thing left to do was put the frame back together I think the end result is rather nice.


  1. It's super Dawn....bet she loves it :)

  2. Replies
    1. I was quite pleased with it especially as no butterflies lost their lives to create it