Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

Well today I have put all my crafting away till after Christmas.  I shall miss the crafting, but don't get me wrong I love Christmas it my favourite time of the year. I won't have much time to be lazy though, as my daughter will be home from University soon and I  still have loads of stuff to get done before Christmas. I have still got a cake to ice, mince pies and truffles to make, a tree to decorate, a a whole load of gifts to wrap. 

My one conciliation, however, is everything looks so tidy and suddenly I seem to have so much space in my lounge. Sadly  though it wont last long once the trees and such are in place, but who cares its Christmas. 


  1. I will too be putting my stuff away as my mum is spending 7 days over Christmas with us.. Stew is working Christmas duties so won't be home for 8 of the 14 days... He is home Christmas Day tho but not new year... I'm not even allowed to go see new year in in the ship.. I have to be out of the dockyard by 10pm.. Never mind... Christmas is always more important to me than new year... I'm only glad he's not out in the gulf.. Px

    1. Sorry took so long to get back to you been away. Sad to hear you have to work around such officialdom I always find these rules such a load of old rot. Never mind enjoy your Christmas, And yes thank God hes not out in the Gulf or anywhere nasty. Happy Christmas and hope next year turns out to be fab for you.