Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cards Collection

The monthly craft group I attend, decided this year instead of making ATC's or card toppers which we exchanged amoungst our selves that we would instead make a card each to donate to charity fund raising. The group organiser sent us a card layout for each month and then we each interpret the layout and make a card. It can be for either sex and for any event, birthday, wedding anniversary, christening, thank you, good luck card or anything else. The only provisos were no Christmas or Easter cards.

I decided that once I had begun making the cards to get all twelve months cards done at once.  I expect some will say this is not quite in the spirit of the monthly card creation idea but it works for me. 

All twelve cards
Here are a few close ups 

January's card

I hope you like them and I hope they sell and rasie some money for the charity finally selected.


  1. The cards are lovely. January's card is very cheery. Just what we news.

    1. Thank you I thought a get well card should be cherry and encouraging to remind us all when its cold and yucky outside that it too will pass and sunny days follow. Well that's my theory.

  2. Great cards xx and what a lovely idea, they will be well received I'm sure Px

    1. As there are about 10 of us in the group I'm hoping they'll raise funds.