Friday, 25 January 2013

Missed my blogs Anniversary.

Whilst looking at one of the blogs I follow that is celebrating its birthday it suddenly came to me it must be nearly a year since I started blogging. Well I looked back and realised I'd actually missed the date and I am now into my second year. 

Doesn't time fly when your'e enjoying yourself. So Happy Birthday/ Anniversary to me and to all you other bloggers out there are also  celebrating including Annabellouise at  http://whoeverhasthemostfabric.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. Happy Birthday to your blog and thank you for your good wishes on mine. Time flies because we are SO BUSY.

    1. It does indeed. I always thought when my children got to University I'd have more time to myself. However, as independent as they are in many respects, when they need help now it seems it takes more time (and of course more money ha ha)
      Mind you I'd not want it any other way I'd not want to be sidelined and left out like some parents seem to find happens....... but as my daughter said the other day some kids parents are only too glad to be rid of their kids as if they are just a burden.

  2. Happy Birthday and heres to the next year! x