Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer Pages

Well  finally I've got back to doing some more scrapbook pages, having had numerous other jobs to do before I could get back to it without feeling guilty. I had numerous cards to make, plus loads of tidying up after Christmas and recently tons of marmalade to make. You may wonder why marmalade? Well I make  the marmalade for a whole load of people not just my own family.

Anyway back to the scrapbook pages, I have made up a few but I do them one post at a time. This page shows a photo from one of our summer Wenlock and Manderville walks. It was taken on the South Bank near where the Golden Hinde is held in dry dock. 

Near the Golden Hinde on the South Bank
For this page I began with a plain blue backing sheet which I roughly sanded  using the 'Hoogie board' to create the patterning around the border. I then cut several strips of differing widths of paper in coordinating colours. I used some scraps from my stash including some from the Papermania Portobello Road  and  Burleigh blue packs   I placed the strips horizontally on the page to create a backing pattern for the photo.

I mounted the photo on a contrasting bright blue piece of card which I then layered with a backing of blue Portobello Road paper torn along one edge. At the bottom left hand corner I added a paper doilies and then added some strips of Burleigh blue borders to the base of the photos. 

I embellished the bottom left hand corner with some Tim Holtz die cut cogs I also added a small map a wooden cut out galleon and some fake doubloons. To finish the nautical affect I added some butchers twine plus a little anchor charm and chain.     

The page title and sub title are from 'Thickers' and Forever Friends respectively.   

I am happy with the nautical look, I hope you all do.     


  1. Lovely....love that boat and the twine rigging...you reminded me of all my wenlock pictures....so finally I have them sent off to print out :)

    1. I've got a whole load of pictures to develop too. Some from Christmas and New Year