Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Felting Fun

For the last three weeks we, my dear friend Stella and I, have been going to a felting course on Monday evenings. We have had great fun and have learnt some new skills to add to the techniques we had gleaned from the two day course we attended last year.

This time our fab tutor Paula (see her on http://frecklesandflowersgirl.blogspot.co.uk/ ) has taught us more about dry felting, embellishing and how to make a seamless bag. As felting takes a bit of time as well as muscle all projects are still in production but I thought I'd just let you see a work in progress. I am quite pleased with it thus far but still have more to do to complete the work. I'll also keep you posted on the seamless bag as its production has been quite fascinating ....................but I leave that to another post. I'll also with the permission of the other students give you a peak at their work.
Silver birch with bluebells 


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    1. Thank you I have still some stuff to do but got seeds to sew and garden to do at moment so it will have to wait a few days