Friday, 17 May 2013

Egg and Bacon Tart

My hubby and I both have a thing about spotting and wanting to try out recipes from leaflets and magazines. I don't know why really, its just the pictures ( and its always the pictures that do it) seem to inspire. When looking through the Guardian, Observer,or any other such magazine we often heard to say to one another, "Oh! this looks interesting, we ought to try this, What do you think?" then the picture is shown and its agreed we will give it a whirl at some later date. Now sometimes we do get to make the said dish and other times the recipe is torn out of said magazine and consigned to a recipe book never to be looked at again.  This time though the recipe was spotted and it was agreed I'd make it the following week.

So here is our take on the Observer or was it the guardians recipe.


1pkt Puff pastry ( or you can make your own)
250 g Streaky lean bacon
9 Eggs
4 Tomatoes ( or you can use sundried)


Pre heat oven to 200oC,180oF,Gas mark 6

Grill bacon until just slightly crispy 

Cut tomatoes into 1/8ths

Mark pastry block into 3rds and cut 2/3rds away and roll out into a rectangle.

Place rectangle onto baking tray ensuring edges are raised all around  by about 1cm.

Leave pastry to rest in fridge for about 10mins

Add bacon to pastry covering the base entirely 

Add wedges/slices of tomato across the bacon. If you wanted to add peppers olives or onion you could also do this for variation.

Then crack 8 of the eggs and add to top of pastry. The eggs are why we need to ensure we have a raised edge on the pastry base.

Roll out remain 1/3rd of the puff pasty and cut into strips.

Add strips of pastry on top of eggs and bacon to create a Kris-cross pattern.

Use remaining egg to glaze pastry.

Place in oven and cook for approx 20mins. Cooking time tends to vary with ovens and depth of dish or tray used so always check to ensure doesn't end up over or under cooked.  

Great served hot or cold with salad or as a picnic dish.


 It was delicious give it a try.