Saturday, 15 March 2014

Mother's Day gift idea

I thought I'd share this idea I had for a mother's day gift. Most Mums love photos of their families so I thought create a mini scrapbook come photos album as a gift. 

I got several mini note books from Hobbycrafts sale the other day which cost between £1 and £2 each. Very reasonable I thought, but also a bit dull and not very attractive as gifts. 

What I started with a plain brown spiral bound album
However, with a few oddments of ribbon, paper, embellishments, glue etc it was possible to transform these rather dull ducklings into rather spiffy swans. 

Just adding a pretty bit of ribbon improves things

The addition of some stamped labels, charms and embellishments and the change is just great
Now all that's needed is to fill up the pages with photos and other sentimental memorabilia, and that can be left to the recipient of the gift.