Friday, 7 March 2014

The Staff of Life ... Bread

For my birthday last year my hubby bought me a bread making lesson at our local bakery. A now nationally known bakery I might add, it having featured on the TV program 'Britain's  Best Bakery'. Well my birthday might have been in August but we had to wait for a suitable date to actually do the course we had picked. Well it was well worth the wait, we had a great time making all our Italian bread. 

Paul the owner and chief baker of the Cinnamon Square was a great teacher (www.cinnamonsquare.com) hemade sure we all knew what we were doing in a friendly helpful manner and gave us loads of tips to ensure we could all hopefully go home and repeat all we had learnt.  All the staff were very nice and we had a great lunch and afternoon break. So all round I'd highly recommend the Cinnamon Square courses. 
Do'nt get me wrong it was hard work. I can tell you,all the kneading that's required really takes the stuffing out of you, and talk about aching arms. However. it was all for a worth it as  the bread that we turned out was fabulous even though I say it my self.  Anyway see what you think.

Salt free Tuscan bread

Tear and share pesto and olives


Olive Rosemary and Sea Salt Foccacia 

A days worth of bread making 
Had such a good time I will be enrolling on a Patisserie course later this year.

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