Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Agnes the Unicorn

She may not be quite like Agnes' Unicorn from Despicable Me but I think she is rather cute even though I say so myself. Well Bryony asked if I could knit a Unicorn and I thought why not I knitted a horse so just a matter of adding a horn. It was a little harder to do as getting the correct wool proved nigh on impossible. We came up with a solution finally using wool and metallic embroidery thread, not ideal but it works.

Trouble is now some one has planted the idea of a Pegasus Pony in my dear daughters head. I wonder what would wings look like and what would you knit them from? Ideas people? 


  1. Can't help with how to make wings, but your unicorn is super cute. The pink mane is perfect.

    1. Thanks my daughter loves her to bits. The wings are a bit of an interesting concept going to try some plastic fabric inside the knitting, or maybe I will make them out of thick felt. You can get some great twinkly felt now , but we'll see.
      I'm currently finishing a lion, his mane has been hard work.