Saturday, 17 January 2015


Well in theory Snow is beautiful stuff and I love it. I makes everything look like a fairytale all sparkly, white and clean. The muddy paths, dirty piles of weathered leaves the litter, and the greyness of this time of the year is covered and everything looks new. Well that's  the theory, sadly the reality sinks in pretty fast. You realise the paths and roads are slippery and that lovely fresh whiteness only lasts until the feet and car tracks plough through it, the leaves litter and mud haven't gone away just temporarily covered and will reappear once the snow melts and they'll be even more unsightly and finally in this country transport grinds to a halt. 

However, its the weekend so I going with the beautiful for now, might change if its still here come Monday morning ha ha ha.



  1. Beautful photo. I agree with you. It's nice to look at. Not so nice to I've with.