Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bits for Valentines

As I said in an earlier post I have been trying out some ideas for Valentines Day. Some things  might be useful as gifts and others simply as decorations for the day. I know some people say its just an excuse for the card companies to sell us cards, the florists to rip us off for a bunch of flowers.  and we shouldn't need a day to show others we love them. 

All this might be true but me, well, anything for a celebration  I love them all,especially if I have an excuse to decorate and make pretty things. Mind you I'll do Halloween too and that's not very pretty. I should also add I make things for the ones I love all the time it doesn't have to be a birthday Christmas or Valentines Day for that matter any excuse will do.

Ahh! we are getting off the point here, we were on about Valentines Day. Here are some of the bits I have made.

 I made this bunting for my son to use on Valentines Day, to surprise his girlfriend, when she gets home from work. Well he will have bought a few flowers too but he wanted to pretty up their flat a bit.

Using the following bits.

 I  made this for my daughter

Rather cute I thought. I could imagine these would look rather pretty for a wedding as decoration at the end of pews, simply change colours as required. 


  1. They're gorgeous. Hope the girlfriend appreciates the bunting.

    1. Well she liked the Christmas bunting and the Birthday stuff so that's a good start. Its nice though I think that he tries, my hubby though a big softy he doesn't think of decorating rooms etc. Well we can't have it all can we.

  2. The heart wreath for your daughter is lovely. Your son is so thoughtful, I very much doubt that mine would think of doing something like that for his girlfriend.