Monday, 16 March 2015

Another Wreath

After making an Easter wreath for myself I then made one for my daughter this time using some knitted flowers. 

I started with a woven pre-formed wreath.

I then knitted some cherry blossom using Susie John's 20 makes Knitted Flowers book.

Then added the beaded stalks to create centres for each of the blossoms. 

I added some silk leaves to the wreath weaving them through the branches of the wreath. Once the leaves were added I then added the blossoms using the beaded wires to attach the flowers to the wreath.

Finally added the bow to complete the wreath.


  1. This is so pretty. I would love something like this for the front of the house. Once I take the Christmas wreath down, it looks so bare.

    1. My daughter has this on her bedroom door. My one I'm putting on my door nearer to Easter. This didn't take to long to do just bit fiddly sewing the blossoms together. You could use felt too they look good.

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