Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Wreaths of delight

My friend Stella came round the other day armed with one of her projects. She always has great ideas as she is very creative. They usually involve sewing which I love but am nowhere as good as she is at doing them. This time, however,no sewing was involved.

She had seen a YouTube video on line by Lealu a fabulous designer, (see her site on  http://www.lealu.co.uk/index.html) for some shabby chic garlands . Stella thought it would be a good idea to translate this technique into masking some garlands. 

All you need is a wreath base, hessian, scented soap hearts, rose buds, ribbon. lace, sacking, string,  and fabric scraps. Plus lots and lots of patience and nibble fingers. The end result I think is worth it though. What do you think?

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