Monday, 16 January 2012

Extolling the Virtue of Knee socks

Knee socks well the last time I wore knee socks I was at Senior School. In those days (yes, it was a long, long time ago) we were not allowed to wear tights and, most certainly no stockings God forbid if there should be a gust of wind and anyone should spy your suspenders. Anyway, in those days, the 70s uniform was very closely enforced we even had a routine skirt length check by the head master. This was achieved by the girls lining up along the stage and the head teacher; we always called Napoleon, due to his habit of placing one arm as if it were in a sling in his jacket, walking along with a measuring stick. Any one with a too short skirt was reprimanded and given a hideous school skirt to wear for the day yuck. We, however, employed the time honoured roll down for inspection and then roll up  the waist band afterwards in order to minimise skirt length. I understand from my daughter this still goes on today, some things never change.

But I digress, it was knee socks that I was waxing lyrical about wasn’t it. Well I have rediscovered them and great in this cold weather they are. No more cold shins or draughts up the trouser legs. Marks and Spencer’s I have discovered do a great range. They even do some marvellous socks called heat generating socks. Having tried them I must say I was impressed, not only were they of a thin silky material they were also incredibly warm. Apparently so the label attached to them states they generate heat from moisture (I think that’s polite for sweat) how I am not sure, but they do seem to work. Congrats M& S.   

Just a few of the many knee socks

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  1. I need some Knee socks right now!It is soooooo cold in Leeds!