Sunday, 15 January 2012

Getting Busy

Over the Christmas , New Year break sadly all the crafting stuff had to be all packed up for the sake of space and, lets be honest a bit of order and tidness, I did, however, get some knitting out. Well its always best to have something to do. I managed to create two scarves a pair of fingerless gloves and numerous squares. Squares? Yes squares I am making a knitted blanket. Why? Well the time it will take me to complete it I will be in my dotage and will probably need a blanket for my knees when I am being pushed along Brighton Pier in my Bath chair.

Just a few of the squares I have completed as you can see I have many more to go

A break from the crafting is no bad thing especially not for Christmas which I love. No I honestly do love it. I love buying presents. I love wrapping them. I love making the cake the pudding, the mincemeat, the truffles and all the other bits and pieces.I love it all. I know I hear the old grumpy sods going on about the commercialisation of Christmas and the long queues and the cost etc but I'm sorry I am not one of those and honestly they are wrong so wrong. Christmas need not cost a fortune and it can be great fun. I start early I make marmalade, jams, chutneys, truffles etc together with numerous other bits and pieces throughout the year  all of which make great gifts and everyone appreciates. I am not just saying that because I get requests for repeats of things such as jam or chutney etc, plus people make requests that I make things for their friends too. Last year it was bunting, boy was that a laugh. Perhaps it's a story for another time.  

                                Just some of the stuff. Great hey!
Anyway now the New Year has begun the craft boxes come out again and chaos can ensue.Despite wanting to get straight down to some scrapbooking the marmalade making has to take presidence. I'll tell you how that goes next time.

The ingredients ready for the off


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