Friday, 27 January 2012

Has Spring Sprung?

Not only do I love all things craft, but I also love gardening. This year with the weather being somewhat erratic the seasons seem to have become a little less distinct and plant life does seem a little confused. Whilst I am sure we have not seen the back of bouts of sharp frost I am surprised to find plants within my garden springing into life. All I hope is that these tender shoots are not too premature and can withstand a nip in the air.

Having been captured by the sight of bulbs such as crocus, snowdrops  and grape hyacinth  peeking through the ground I decided again to try my hand at getting some snowdrops (Galanthus)  to grow in my garden. Sadly all my attempts to this date have failed. Why this is I cannot be sure. I seem to have great success with any other plant I grow, vegetable or flowering plant, either in or outdoors. Snow drops however, have been my downfall.

Not to be put off I decided to have just one more attempt to grow this fateful flower having spotted some snow drops outside my local veg shop 

The selected plant

The Snowdrop I have chosen is Galanthus nivalus a single snowdrop. I thought it best to keep it simple. The plant label states that this plant will produce a dense carpet of pure white nodding bell shaped flowers on short slender stems. It also says that it will form dense mounds of bluey greenery strap like leaves. More importantly, however, it clearly states it is easy to grow.

I carefully cleared an area of ground taking note that the label suggests any moist well drained soil in sun or part shade is appropriate. I then dug a hole and placed the pre watered plant into it and then covered firmly pressing the soil around the plant afterwards. I then watered the plant. 

 The only thing now is enjoy this years flowers and hope that next year the dormant bulbs will send out green shoots and gradually develop into the dense carpet of blooms the plant label describes

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