Monday, 30 January 2012

Plymouth Revisited

I must admit it was with some mixed feelings that this weekend I travelled down to Plymouth. The trip was arranged by my husband’s colleagues to belatedly celebrate Christmas and the winning of a major contract. Having never met any of the group before I was little concerned, what if they were unfriendly, and did not like me, what if it was all talk of work, work, work, Well all those thoughts ran through my head and I did think of saying I’d stay at home. However, it was also going to be a chance to revisit Plymouth again and relive some of my student days.I therefore decided what the heck and went.  

I was in Plymouth in the 70’s and I have got to say I loved every minute. We had, as my daughter would say, some really ‘Good Times’ I not only gained a very good degree but I also discovered, well to be totally corny, myself. (What a giggle I know) 

Plymouth, like me, now appears to have seen better days. Plymouth has no doubt suffered due to the reduction in the naval fleet and the general economic down turn. Indeed if I think about it I have faired better than Plymouth.

This visit gave me the great opportunity to revisit old haunts, those that still exist or that I could remember, that is. My husband and I wandered around the Barbican along The Hoe and around the Town Centre. I also paid a call on the University which although much larger and with some extremely flash new buildings looked surprisingly the same. I could see in through the main hall glass doors and into the foyer in which I had stood so many years ago waiting to go into my final exam ……..what memories.

Plymouth University today
I paid a call to my first student house on the Saltash Road and was stunned; it looked exactly the same, slightly shabby and tired. I recalled how we spent many a time gazing out of the window watching the young sailors flood out of the Naval School gates and spot future Admirals. It was a great laugh; I just wonder many actually made it. 

Admiral spotting point

I have got to say for a chance to revisit and rekindle old memories this trip would have been well worth it but I have got to give my husbands work colleagues their due and say they were a great bunch. I guess you could say it was yet another discovery I made courtesy of Plymouth.

Shots of Plymouth Hoe. There was no big wheel when  I was there.


  1. I would have loved to have met you back then! The house looks much nicer than mine haha! xxx

  2. It may look good but inside it was fairly spartan and very old fashioned even then. We had no central heating and it was always bloody cold but the view was great.