Friday, 17 February 2012

Fabulous Flapjacks

Today I had a yen to do some cooking. So it was a case of see what’s in the old store cupboard. Well not much I’m afraid as I have not been grocery shopping this week. Well I did have porridge oats, golden syrup, sugar, butter and some rather sad looking bananas, “so flapjacks it is” I thought. 

The ingredients


225g (8oz) butter
225g (8oz) soft brown sugar
2 tbsp golden syrup
350g (12oz) Rolled Oats.

I also added 2 bananas
1 25cm (10“) square cake tin


Preheat oven to 150oc Gas mark2 or 300o

Put butter sugar and syrup into saucepan and heat slowly until butter has melted and stir ingredients together 

Syrup and butter just add sugar to this and heat
Mix together until butter melts
Add the oats and in my case I also added two mushed up bananas. Mix in carefully.  

Add oats

Once the mixture is smooth place into tin. I  discovered I had lent my square tin to someone so had to use  round tins but no matter square or round the flapjacks taste the same.You may find you have to press the surface down to get a smooth top.

Place oats mixture into baking tin and smooth top surface flat
 Place in oven and cook for about 35-40 mins check after 20 mins to ensure even cooking.

Cut into segments
 Leave to cool for between 5 and 10 mins then cut into squares or as in this case segments. Use a sharp knife. Leave to completely cool before storing  

Added extra icing drizzle

 I added a little extra to my flapjacks using a little icing sugar and water to make a drizzle icing. You could also melt chocolate and drizzle over the finished flapjacks.

Then serve or store.  



  1. These look delicious! I think I may make these next week :) I might add some choc chips too

  2. Choc chips would be great and cherries yummy! Have fun Maybe we'll see the results on your blog perhaps