Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Turkey and Bacon Pancake Lasagne

Whilst I love sweet pancakes with all that lovely honey lemons sugar maple syrup etc on them I have also got to say I do like savoury pancakes. each pancake day I try out something a little different this year I made Turkey and Bacon Pancake Lasagne.

If you want to try them out here is my recipe.



6oz Plain Flour
2 Eggs
3/4 pt milk (400ml approx)
Oil for frying

Lasagne filling

500 g  Minced Turkey
250 g Bacon lardons
1 Red or White onion
1 Sweet Red Pepper
1tbsp Tomato Puree
I tin 400g Chopped Tomatoes
1 jar Loyd Grossman  Smokey Bacon Pasta Sauce
2 tsp Italian seasoning 

White Sauce

3oz Plain Flour
3oz Butter
1½ pt milk

Cheese grated for topping

The various ingredients


Turn on oven to190oC Gas mark5 or 375oF

First make meat sauce for meat layer in lasagne. To do this start by chopping up onion and pepper.Then add these with the lardons to a pan and fry gently until lardons are brownish and onion an pepper are softer.

Add Italian herbs seasoning

The onion and peppers frying gently

Add minced turkey and brown gently.

The add tin of tomatoes and the tomato puree  

 Set this mixture to keep cooking at a very low heat.

Then make white sauce. Melt the butter add the flour and then blend before returning to the heat briefly to cook the flour. 

Remove from the heat and mix in milk gradually so as not to create lumps.

The flour and butter mix - the roux

Return the mixture to the heat stir all the time as the mixture thickens. 

The finished smoothly mixed sauce

Set the white sauce on one side with a lid on pan

Make pancakes. Whisk eggs with milk and then add flour blend carefully so as not to create lumps. I always add flour and milk alternately to give a smooth end result. If you want thinner pancakes you can add a little more milk but do not make mixture too thin.

Once the ingredients are all blended together heat oil in pan ready to fry pancakes. Make several pancakes; how many will be determined by how many layers you want in your lasagne.

The pancake mix

The pancake layer in preparation

Once the pancakes are made you can then assemble your lasagne. I used an oval dish as my round dish suffered from a careless kitchen 'jenga' event and broke into several pieces. A round dish would be easier.

You begin with a layer of the meat sauce mix followed by a pancake, then some white sauce, then another pancake. You just make it up in layers in this manner. I normally do two layers of meat sauce. 

First layer
Second layer
Finally end with a white sauce layer which is then topped with grated cheese 
Cook for approx 20 - 30 minutes until cheese is lovely and golden brown. Then sit down and enjoy with a green salad. This should serve 6 or  4 very hungry people.  

Lasagne before baking
A slice of heaven
My husband describe the taste as lush. Just remember it does not have to be pancake day to try out the recipe.


  1. This looks so tasty!!!! I am glad you have frozen some for me! xxx

  2. lets hope no one eats it first though