Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Walnut Truffle Cake

Just thought I'd share with you this lovely recipe I found in the Guardian Magazine last weekend.Well actually my husband found it and proceeded to badger me into looking at it then cooking it for him. Well I had nothing to do but listen to him moan about the Rugby on Saturday so to keep him in a good humour for the proposed trip to Farnborough the next day I made him this cake.

The best chocolate cake he's ever tasted he said,  I hasten to add

Its a recipe by Dan Lepard all to do with his desire to push the English Walnut centre stage http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/feb/17/walnut-cake-recipes-dan-lepard

As you can see from this recipe no flour was involved, yes, that took me by surprise too. Its a really easy recipe to follow so give it a go. Below are some photos of the process.

I used a square tin rather than the round one recommended but it still works
I used all plain organic chocolate
Walnuts sugar and cocoa ground in the food processor
Eggs and Mascarpone added
Ready for the oven
The first slices gone
A very happy consumer
In his recipe Dan Lepard tells you to let the cake completely cool. Well, let me tell you my husband is terrible for pinching stuff when its only been out of the oven for a short while.He, however, said that was a mistake as when its cold this cake is at its best, so heed the advice given by Mr Lepard.  

I am now very tempted to make the Walnut Orange Crumble Cake which was also in this article


  1. Wow! It sounds really yummy. I shall have to give it a go sometime when I'm feeling indulgent.

  2. This looks delish!! Please make it for mee!!! xxx

  3. I just love that you have made your DH pose with the cake (not sure mine would humour me for a blog post :D tho maybe he would if cake was involved - could be a challenge :)) Anyway it looks fantastic

    1. You need to get over there right away - there's still some left in a secret location;-)

  4. Its a matter of just having the camera there and catching him in the act..... That is mouth full of choccy cake