Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year Day

Well thank goodness this day only happens once in every four years, because what a day its been. We are currently having our bathroom refitted, its out with the old bath sink and units and in with something new and fresh. When we got all the quotes and planned the start date of the work all seemed hunky-dory. But as they say the best laid plans etc, etc.

Well Monday morning arrived and so did the plumbers at 8.30am (sooo early) ready to start work. They are a very nice bunch of guys very polite and well organised. Work began  in earnest about 10 minutes after their arrival, the bath was first to go, followed by the basin and bathroom units.  

All seemed plain sailing until oh dear ! we had the wrong shower tray. but that was soon sorted. Then we had to change the position of the pump for the shower, no problem, there again soon sorted out. However today no fault of the excellent plumbing team but the suppliers of the bathroom units sent the wrong ones. Nooooooo!!!!!! They take three weeks to order and be made up now what are we to do? 

Well the toilet that had been removed had to be reinstalled and we are having to await the unit suppliers to ring tomorrow with a solution to the problem. Sadly, this means we are still with out a basin or shower in our bathroom. It feels like the Victorian times, we need a tin  bath tub to put in front of the fire.

I know it will all get sorted out but today, I felt as if I'd just like to run away and hide. I'm just telling myself it will all be great when its finished. 

But just look at it now, what a mess. When its finished I may post another picture. All I can say is I am so glad the plumbing company we have doing the work are so nice.

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