Friday, 2 March 2012

Bits for the Kitchen

When I was out the other day attempting to get some replacement buttons for my sons coat I wandered over to look at the fabrics. Of course as is often the case some fabrics caught my eye and yes I just had to buy some. The fabric was covered in all juicy summer fruits and I reasoned  the fabric was ideal for making a new oven glove and I really did need a new one.

I bought a 30cm length of the fabric which was the smallest amount they would sell. This was more than enough for my purposes but what the heck I'm sure I can find other uses for it. I also purchased a length  8cm thick quilted polyester wadding which luckily for me was in the remnant bin. 

The fabrics I selected note the quilted polyester wadding

To make the glove I began by creating a template. I used my husbands hand and added about 2cms creating a mitten shape as shown below   

The glove template
Having the template  I then cut out 4 of these shapes from the fabric, 2 from the printed fabric and two of the quilted wadding. If you cannot get quilted wadding you simply create three layers using your printed fabric polyester wadding and then plain cotton for lining. 

The fabric cut out

The polyester quilted wadding cut out
Once you have your shapes cut out its time to assemble them. Turn printed fabric with right sides facing and tack together leaving a narrow seam allowance of approx 1/2 cm. Do the same with the quilted wadding. Once tacked machine or hand sew together the pieces. You will then have two mitten shapes   

Tack before sewing either by hand or with a machine

Turn the printed fabric mitten shape so the right sides is facing out wards.but leave the polyester wadding with the lined side on the inside. If you are using three layers of material (fabric, wadding and lining) you will need to stitch the wadding to the lining first and then stitch the two halves of the lining mit together.     

Stitch fabric and wadding using a machine or hand sew

The next step is simply like putting two mittens onto one hand. First place the quilted wadding glove/mit onto you hand making sure your thumb is pushed well into the thumb of the glove/mit and the lining is on the inside. Then take the printed fabric  glove/mit over the lining glove/mit 

The effect is to create a layer of lining wadding then fabric

To finish off the glove stitch bias binding around the bottom of the glove trimming off any excess of the lining to give a smooth finish

Stitch bias around bottom of glove/mit to finish

As you can see from the picture below I also made a tea cosy using the same principles as I used with the oven glove/mit

The finished items
I am rather pleased with the end result. I was also thinking these might make an ideal Mothers Day gift.I would also add flowers or pretty perfume as I for one would not want to suggest a woman should be only be  given domestic household things as gifts.


  1. Very nice! I like the berries!

  2. Very juicy I thought do you think they'd look goof in your your kitchen next year eh!

  3. great mothers day idea :)i love the fabric.. wish i could sew... im really bad at it... i can knit but when it comes to sewing up oh my word... a 3yr old could do better...
    P x

  4. I owe my ability to my mum. I had to learn as my Mum was much into making your own clothes and embroidery.Sadly the later talent escapes me. When I had children their desire for fancy dress costumes and drama costumes has meant I have had plenty of opportunity to put my skills into practice.