Monday, 19 March 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Just got back from Leeds where I was collecting my daughter from University as its her Easter break.I know it seems a bit early but they have loads of work to do,  namely revision for exams when they get back so they need the time. 

My daughter
Its always a long drive up the M1 what with the 50mph average speed restrictions and stops for the loo and a coffee etc so we normally stay over night at a hotel and come back the next day. The stop over also gives my daughter chance to get us to do some odd jobs for her in her rented house and to pack all her stuff. Why she is never packed when we get there we haven't been able to work out. We aren't complaining though as we do get to have a bit of a break from home.

We normally stay at the same hotel each time we visit but this time we decided to have a change. We wont be doing that again, sadly the new hotel left a lot to be desired, so next time we are back to the tried and trusted Village Hotel which is excellent. 

I thought when I got back I better just catch up with any blog comments and as my daughter pointed out actually reply to comments rather than just comment on comments ...if you see what I mean. I am  afraid I had not noticed the word reply which appears under each blog comment so had simply just added another comment beneath each time. This of course means people who have made comments may think I have never replied and I'm rude. So please accept my apologies if that includes you.

I am off tomorrow for a bit of a break in Norfolk with my parents so will not be blogging for a bit so see you soon. I did tell my hubby since hes still at home  he could do some blogging, but he declined, so keep the faith followers I'll be back soon. Ha! Ha!


  1. she's beautiful... :D

    1. Yes I think she is too. And she like a ray of sunshine most of the time so I think myself lucky.
      Well she and I are now off to Norfolk hoping very much on our return the bathroom will be nearly finished