Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hello, I'm Back.

Well at last I have returned from my somewhat extended trip to Norfolk to see the folks. It was to have been just a week . A week in which the bathroom and all the plumbing disruption was to have been completed but sadly things did not turn out that way. It was no ones fault just the way things go.

I must say though I felt bad as both my husband and son had to stay and endure the mess and upheaval. My excuse was genuine, however, as my daughter Bryony's bedroom was a no go zone ( floorboards and such like had to come up in order to install new pipe work) and someone had to drive her to 
Norfolk to stay with grandparents. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The bathroom is now complete other than the decorating, you know the painting etc. When that's finished I post a picture. I am now endeavoring to reinstate order in the house, catching up on washing,straightening out the house and putting everything back as it was before the bathroom work began and sorting out the  garden, which due to the warm weather has gone nuts   

My next post will hopefully be more interesting and less of a whine. Ha! ha!

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