Monday, 5 March 2012

Cheesy Delicious

I want to defrost and clean out my freezer so I have been gradually working through the stuff that has been lurking within its frozen depths. My husband and I are terrible for getting stuff particularly when its on offer in the supermarket and stuffing it in the freezer for later use. 

We always intend to use said items, but sadly, have a tendency to loose track of whats in there. So periodically we live off freezer food. This way the freezer get cleared and then it can be cleaned before we restock it again with sundry stuff.

Well prior to the next influx of supermarket bargains, the freezer is being cleared. Today, lurking under a tray of sausages and another of pork chops I found a pack of frozen puff pastry left over from the sausage rolls and mince pies I had made at Christmas.

The question then was what to make with it? Well I really didn't want to make a pie or sausage rolls etc so I decided much to my husbands satisfaction to make some cheese swirls. If you'd like to make some too, you'll need  
Cheese Swirls Ingredients

1 Block frozen or fresh puff pastry
6 oz (170g) Red Leicester Cheese 
6oz (170g) Strong Cheddar Cheese
Palin flour for rolling out 
1 tbsp English Mustard
Sprinkle of fresh chilli flakes


Pre heat 190o C Gas mark 5 or  375oF

Roll out  Puff pastry block thinly about 3mm thick ( just so its not going to split which rolled up)

Spread mustard over the whole surface of the rolled out pastry

Sprinkle over chilli flakes and salt and pepper 

Grate cheese over the whole surface too and pat down surface.

Cheese mustard etc need to be spread evenly over the complete pastry surface.
Gradually roll up pastry into a tight sausage of pastry and cheese . You may find you need a little water or milk to bind the last piece of pastry into the roll, but usually this is not needed

  Pictures to show the rolled pastry with cheese

With the end of the roll down wards onto the work surface, cut roll into sections slightly smaller than 1 cm in width and place these on a baking tray 

Cut into sections/slices

Place baking trays into oven and cook until golden brown approx 10-15 mins 

Too scummy for words

When cooked place on baking tray to cool then store in tightly lidded container. They are gorgeous when warm but equally yummy cold. To ring the changes you an use pesto (red or green) instead of mustard, this gives a very Italian taste to the cheese treats.  


  1. You are making me hungry....I need to give them a go as cheese straws are one of my favourites :) How is the bathroom coming on, and glad we managed to avoid you in the near head on collision earlier :D

  2. I love these, so scrummy! xxx

  3. They are delicious yum yum. The bathroom has come to a halt for 10 days as the wrong units were sent boo! ho! Yes a head on was very neatly avoided wasn't it.

  4. Do you, Bee, want a batch for Leeds???? And Sutty perhaps I'll bring some along to crafters next time

  5. Oh yes please :D I'll do flower tutorials....you do chesse whirls yum :D

  6. Remind me to put the oven on in the kitchen when we get to the hall tomorrow evening.

    Sorry to hear about the bathroom. I had no idea it would take so long to get new units. I was under the impression that they'd only be a day or two. How frustrating. If you need a shower come round.