Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Easter Cards

 Whilst I was at the Marlborough 'Make It' show I picked up some Lilly of the Valley Die Cut Design Sheets (http://www.liliofthevalley.co.uk/) I'm not normally into this sort of thing, the cutie pie stuff, however, these are cute without being too cute.

 I got some Christmas,wedding and birthday designs, plus a sheet referred to as Spring Rabbits, which I thought might make some rather different Easter cards.Anyway have a look and see what you think.  

Just a few of the cards 


  1. They are great cards - love the spring colours and also the die cut cards are really pretty (and the rabbits not too cute but lovely)...reminds me I should do some Easter ones too.

  2. I have also made some with flowers but keeping them under wraps as they are for blog viewers and I don't want to spoil things by letting them see them before they get them through the post ha ha

  3. These look lovely! I love the cut out edge to some of them! xx

  4. The question is will family like them B