Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mother's Day Ideas

Whilst I was making perfumed sachets for Valentines Day I also used some oddments of fabric to make a number of of other bags/sachets  which  I filled with lavender and rose potpourri. the fabric wasn't exactly on a Valentine theme but I thought they might come in useful later. Now they have I decided to fancy them up a bit for Mothers Day gifts  

A few of the perfumed sachets I made
 Its very easy to create the sachets just squares or rectangles of fabric sewn together and stuffed with polyester filling and a perfumed sachet inside.Once made I grouped them into threes and then tied them with pretty ribbons and added some silk flowers. I also made a few individual ones, as you can see from the picture below .   

The finished items
I think these are very pretty and yet simple to make. They also make your linen smell great and keep away moths when put into drawers etc. 


  1. You certainly don't want moths in your drawers!