Friday, 9 March 2012

Getting Up to Date

Well. today at last I am up to date with my regular scrapbooking. By that I mean the scrap book in which I keep a photos graphic record of the events which happen throughout the year. I like to use this set of books as, well,  a  picture diary. Ive done it ever since I started scrapbooking a few years ago they look better and are more interesting than just photos in albums. Don't get me wrong I still have loads of pictures in albums and on CD's but I prefer the scrapbooks. 

I still have numerous other things on the go so scrapbooking doesn't stop. As I have already said I have started to put a 'This is Your Life' book together for my daughter so pages from this project will feature from time to time. However. I thought you might like to see my latest scrapbook diary page.

My husabnd on Dartmoor

The pictures are of my husband looking out across the misty and slightly wintery wastes of  Dartmoor. Shortly after these shots were taken it began to snow.  I'm not sure why  he had to get out of a perfectly warm car but I think he was trying to capture the atmosphere. The title 'On a clear Day' was meant to be a little ironic.

Anyway to do this page I used some of Tim Holtz products. The background paper is from the Tim Holtz Kraft Core Nostalgic collection.. I sanded the edges of the sheet then distressed the whole page with Tim Holtz Distress Inks in  Forest Moss and Old Paper.

First, I added about a quarter of the way down the page an adhesive black and clear border from K & Co which had a bird and vegetation motif.

I then added slightly off centre,vertically a scrap of  card which I had embossed with a brick wall design embossing folder (another Tim Holtz product). The torn edges of this card I distressed again using the distress inks. Using another piece of the same card I used another of the Tim Holtz embossing folders this time one that created a bark like effect. To highlight the design I used another of the distress inks before  adding it horizontally  to the page about  two thirds of the way down the page. 

I also added two scraps of die card from my stash of paper which I had distressed with Forest Moss, On I placed vertically the other horizontally to give a lighter background to the area in which I was to put the photographs.

In keeping with the natural theme I added a K &Co border which had ladybirds and leaves on it plus an additional copper metal border from my stash. I placed these borders over the join of the other card pieces to improve the overall finish.
Close up to show borders
I mounted the trimmed photos on black card and then added to them to the page as shown. To the larger of the pictures I also added a small strip of gold punched border to give it a slight flourish. 
Close up showing border and embossing

I finished the page with the title using die cut letters and some strips of journalling to help recall the day.

I'm pleased with the final page I think the overall effect is quite masculine and rugged which I think reflects the subject (man on Dartmoor) very well.


  1. Take me to Dartmoor! very nice pages! xx

  2. Its always something with you eh! Berlin, America, Thailand, now Dartmoor. Ha ha How about settling for Norfolk