Friday, 13 April 2012

Delicious Pork Burgers

My daughter is going back to University this weekend, (I'm going to miss her but don't tell her that) and she has loads of  exams to do. So to help out and to make sure she has plenty of study time and healthy food I have made her an assortment of bits to take back with her. 

Normally she is a great cook and loves nothing better than getting into the kitchen and creating some fab meals, but exam times are never easy and its nice to be able to have someone else take the hard work out of mealtimes So far she has Pork Balls, Chicken Fajitas, Lasagnes,Shepherds Pies and now a whole load of scummy Pork Burgers. Making the Pork Burgers also gave me the ideal opportunity to use my new Food Processor.
Its a thing of beauty isn't it like my food mixer

If you'd like to have go at making some Burgers yourself here is the recipe


500gms Mince Pork (lean)
2 Bread Large Rolls 
2tsp Parsley
2tsp Chili flakes
1tsp Italian Garlic Seasoning 
1 Red Sweet Pepper
1 large Onion.
1 Leek
1-2 Eggs
2 tbsp Plain flour 

Makes about 6 reasonable sizes burgers


Place rolls into the food processor and make them into bread crumbs.

Chop up onion pepper and leek and place into the processor and give them a quick whizz. 

Mix the bread crumbs with the peppers leek and onion.

Then add salt pepper Italian garlic seasoning flaked chillies and parsley and mix them together thoroughly. You could use a mixer or combine these ingredients in the processor but I like to do this by hand.

Add the meat and mix ingredients thoroughly

Add eggs you may need only one this will depend on size of the egg you don't want the end mixture too wet and sticky

Place a little plain on a tray or grease proof paper sheet. Divide mixture into into balls and then flour hands and flatten the balls of burger mix into burger patty shapes. How many burgers you make will depend on size of burger you want but don't be too mean and make them too small or too thin as they do shrink a bit when cooked

You can cook your burgers anyway you wish I baked mine, but we also grill and barbeque them with equally good results.

They look good and taste real good too.

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