Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bright Red Lips

I was recently given a Basic Grey scrapbook page kit. Now these kits are not something I would normally go for as I'm a bit of a free spirit and do  not like to be dictated to about how to go about creative projects. My mother of course would say that's my self willed character coming out ( ha ha you betcha)  Well this time since it was a gift and it was quite nice, I thought why not?

This is the kit with the page layouts given. Below you can see what the kit included.   

The kit included enough paper and embellishments to create four pages, though two were meant to be created to be seen face to face, to give a two page spread. The kit also included detailed instructions of how the page was to be assembled  I have made up one page as you can see below.

The completed page
 I'm afraid though I used the kit I did not follow the instructions to the the letter and I also added  additional embellishments and lettering. I am pleased with the end result and have got to say that using the kit was not too confining. I think such kits would be great for the new scrapbooker. 

This kit particularly is one of the better ones I have seen and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I thought the paper was good quality and well printed and the die cut embellishments were easy to use and of a similar robust quality. 

I will be using the rest of the kit in later projects so look of for them.


  1. Beautiful Page Dawn love the layout,Thank you for visiting and the lovely comment and now following you too. Chris xx

    1. Wow thanks that was quick. My blogs tend to be crafty but I'm also into cooking and loads of other stuff. I love drawing but its my son who is the artist in our house having finished last July at Uni with a first in illustration Sadly no job yet that uses his talents though