Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pages Using Kits

I have just recently used the last few pages of the scrapbook kit I got a while ago. You may remember I did a posy about it some time back . Well here are the other three pages the kit made up. I am still not sold on kits but they all look okay. May add some more stuff later,Sorry photos could be better but have lent my white box to a friend so we have a little glare problem here


  1. They are great..the one with your husband and the umbrella seems so appropriate for today (and I figure it is only cos of the hose pipe ban that it is raining this much!!). You'll have to bring your pages along to the next group so I can have a look up close. I didn't realise rosemary was for remembrance - I'll have to look up plant meanings next time I get out and manage to pick some....when the rain eventually stops :)

    1. Will do, I hopefully will have some more too by then. I have been so busy painting and such I don't seem to have had much time.
      My Grandma used to tell me the meanings of different flowers...the language of flowers is what she called it apparently you can get books all about it

    2. See http://www.thegardener.btinternet.co.uk/flowerlanguage.html